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4 national languages and (nearly) everybody speaks English! © Maproom, Wikimedia Commons, GNU

Grüezi, Bonjour, Buongiorno, Bun di, Guten Tag, WELCOME! Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated. Switzerland has universities in all four language regions. Most of them are, however, in the German- and the French-speaking parts. Tuition languages are English, German, French or Italian, or blended with the national language/English.

In fact, when choosing your study programme, you will see that there are several more programmes in other disciplines taught in English. The majority of these are at master’s and PhD level.

When moving to Switzerland, you will quickly realize that the vast majority of the population – especially in urban areas – speak English and probably will be very happy to chat with you. You would, however, miss out on a heck of a lot if you didn’t profit from the linguistic diversity.

Studying in multilingual Switzerland offers you the chance of a lifetime to develop your language skills in German, French, Italian, Romansh or Swiss German dialect (we dare you to step up to the challenge).


Language Courses

All Swiss universities require a good knowledge of the language of instruction. Prospective master’s students are advised to have a good working knowledge of English since such degree programmes are being taught increasingly in English.

Most universities offer free language courses (national languages, English) for enrolled international students. There, you will most probably be joined by Swiss mobility students who come from another linguistic region of Switzerland, because if you enrol for a full degree programme, you will easily be allowed to swap university for a term or two.

When seeking out language courses, do not forget to check out the variety of European and extra European languages offered. We strongly encourage you to seize this opportunity!

Make sure to contact the international or mobility office of your future university to inquire about the hows and whens.


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