Mobility Stays, Exchanges & Erasmus+


Did you know that international students really love Swiss universities? In fact, they make up for over 25% of the student body and 70% of those enrolled in a doctoral programme. As an international student, you can either come for a short-term mobility stay (one or more terms) or for a full degree programme (Bachelor/ Master/PhD/CAS/DAS/MAS).

Fun fact: international students are particularly keen on so-called Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects, economy and business, design and arts. One reason might be that most of these programmes and many more are taught in English.


Short-term Mobility or Full Degree?

One way to studying in Switzerland is to enrol as an international student for a full degree on a regular course of study. Alternatively, you can apply for one or two semesters as an exchange student or a visiting student, and complete most of your degree at your home university. Exchange students continue paying their regular fee to their home university while visiting students pay the fees of the host university.
Start by finding out if your university participates in any international exchange programmes or has bilateral agreements with a Swiss university. Keep in mind that there are several types of agreements.


Swiss-European Mobility Programme and Erasmus+

Switzerland is supporting mobility and cooperation activities in Europe via the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP). Although not a programme country within ERASMUS+ anymore, Switzerland remains a so-called partner country and is fully participating in the student exchange scheme via SEMP. In order to comply with reciprocity, financial support is also provided for students from Europe to spend time in Switzerland (incoming).

This overview of the Erasmus+ programme countries provides information on the possible mobility or collaboration with Swiss institutions within the framework of Erasmus+ or SEMP. Traineeships (work placements) must be organised through a Swiss university, usually a partner institution of your home university. Ask your home university’s international office for more information.


Bilateral, Regional and Global Mobility Schemes with Swiss Universities

There is plenty of ways Swiss universities support mobility schemes. They vary between bilateral, regional or global partnerships. They can be at university, faculty or department level. Some are supporting summer school participation other lead to a dual or joint degree.

How to get an overview in this jungle?

  1. Start by checking out your home institution’s mobility schemes with Swiss universities. Narrow down the institutions you would like study in.
  2. Find and check out their profiles and websites here. Screen their international office pages on incoming students.
  3. Screen your international scientific networks for mobility schemes (i.e. UNITECH International for engineers). Try the International Student Exchange Programme ISEP .


Try your luck – draft your exclusive, personal mobility stay

If you have not found any suitable programme yet, contact the mobility office the Swiss university of your choosing for further information to organize your mobility stay. In some cases, you will be a pioneer mobility student and maybe the founder of a beautiful institutional partnership.


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