Cost of Living


Switzerland is not a cheap country to live in. By no means would we want to suggest otherwise. However, there are some factors to place it in a wider context. Have a closer look.

There are two factors to bear in mind regarding your expenses in Switzerland:

1st: A Swiss higher education is a major investment in your career prospects that yields a high return!
2nd: The education comes at a relatively moderate price regarding tuition fees, especially compared to similarly top-ranked education hotspots worldwide!

However, in order to prepare for your study period, take a look at the student budget and check out the varying tuition fees in the university profiles.


Student budget in Switzerland 

(Please note that costs vary by region)

  Monthly (CHF) Yearly (CHF)
Tuition fees Depending on university
Supplies 100.- 1,200.-
Accomodation 700.- 8,400.-
Food (CHF 20.- per day) 600.- 7,200.-
Clothes and personal items 150.- 1,800.-
Health insurance 90.- 1,080.-
Transport (subscription) 60.- 720.-
Other (phone, internet, billag) 150.- 1,800.-
Total 1,850.- 22,200.-

*Tuition fees vary between institutions: CHF 500–2,000 per semester/term.


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