Working While Studying


There are many good reasons to take on a part-time job: you can gain insights into professional life, achieve financial independence and improve your CV. Combining work and study is always a challenge, but your studies should always come first.

Foreign students may work a maximum of 15 hours per week during their studies, and up to 100 per cent during semester breaks. This must be reported in all cases to the responsible immigration authorities. Students from outside the EU/EFTA region may only start working six months after the beginning of their studies. In these cases, the employer must submit a corresponding request for taking up employment to ensure that an employment check can be carried out. Following this, the immigration authorities can issue a work permit.

Jobs can be found in newspaper advertisements, general employment websites, student associations at your university or via the university itself.



All foreign students wanting to work in Switzerland need to notify the competent authorities and/or apply for a work permit (depending on their nationality), independently of whether the employment is paid or not (sanctions apply).



  •  Overview of work permit regulations in Switzerland
  • All cantonal immigration and labour market authorities in Switzerland


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