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Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training

Zollikofen, Lausanne, Lugano

The Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training SFIVET is Switzerland’s expert organisation for vocational education and training. We offer basic and continuing training to VET professionals, conduct VET research, contribute to the development of occupations and support international cooperation in vocational and professional education and training. We have regional campuses in Zollikofen near Bern (main campus), Lausanne and Lugano as well as off-campus space in Olten and Zurich.


Study Swiss VET

As “Swiss VET Academy”, we offer a wide range of high quality courses taught by dedicated SFIVET experts and other recognized institutions:

  • Get an in-depth knowledge of dual-track VET
  • Acquire the relevant competencies in pedagogy and didactics
  • Learn about tools and methods to enhance the labour market orientation
  • High quality training taught by dedicated experts
  • Tailor-made coaching based on your company/institution/organization’s needs
  • Benefit from many years of experience in continuing training for VET practitioners
  • Certified courses and modules in Switzerland or in your country


Our offers are intended for

  • All VET practitioners: teachers in vocational schools, instructors in companies, experts, etc.
  • Governmental or non-governmental institutions and local authorities
  • Everyone who is involved directly or indirectly in vocational education and training


Master of Science in Vocational Education and Training

Over the course of three years of part-time studies, students enrolled in the MSc in VET programme will gain an in-depth understanding of Switzerland‘s VET system and how it is positioned within an international context. They will observe and analyse relevant issues from the perspective of economics, sociology, psychology and education science, while acquiring corresponding methodological skills. At the same time, the studies place considerable emphasis on practical training. Among other things, traineeships provide students with insight into the multiple areas of activity within the VET field.

The MSc in Vocational Education and Training is a part-time programme lasting six semesters. Studies involve a combination of attendance of block courses, guided self-study and traineeships. The MSc in VET programme is internationally accredited and Bologna-compliant.

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We offer basic and continuing training to people wishing to teach in vocational education and training, whether it be at upper-secondary level, e.g. at a vocational school, at a school that prepares learners for the federal vocational baccalaureate examination, at a commercial school, etc. or at tertiary level at a professional education institution. We also offer basic and continuing training for professionals wishing to train learners, e.g. in branch courses, at trade schools or workshops. Advanced studies specializing in vocational education and training lead to CAS, DAS, and MAS qualifications.

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We examine the existing relations between the education system and the labour market, thus ensuring an important contribution to the analysis, optimisation and improvement of vocational training in Switzerland.


Research areas

  • Teaching and learning in VET/PET programmes
  • Current VET/PET context
  • Strategic planning of VET/PET system

The Swiss Observatory for Vocational Education and Training OBS SFIVET identifies, monitors and analyses social, economic and technological developments that have an impact on vocational education and training.

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Unique Selling Propositions

  • USP 1: One-stop shop: single source for all VET-related questions
  • USP 2: Vocational didactics: practice-oriented
  • USP 3: Swiss Observatory for Vocational Education and Training: monitoring trends
  • USP 4: Multilingualism: a Swiss trademark
  • USP 5: Bachelor and Master: system expertise for practitioners
  • USP 6: VET revision and review cycle: added value for clients
  • USP 7: Migration: for rapid integration




Research + Teaching Areas

  • Economics, Political Science
  • Social Sciences, Social Work
  • Teacher Education, Special Pedagogy, Educational Science, Subject-specific Didactics
    – Secondary level II / Vocational education and training
    – Tertiary level B didactics
    – Adult education didactics

Degree Programmes

  • Number of Master programmes: 1
  • Number of programmes in continuing education: 46

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