University of Fribourg, Institute of Teacher Education


The University of Fribourg for your Secondary Level I and II Teaching Degree.  The Teacher Education Institute offers professionally based, high quality courses in teacher education.

Study in German, French – or both

Situated on the border between the German and French-speaking parts of Switzerland, the University offers an academic pathway to the teaching degree for secondary level I or secundary level II (secondary colleges for mature-age students). Because of its location, Fribourg is able to offer not only French or German, but also bilingual degree programs. All its degrees are recognised by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK/CDIP).

Within the framework of the program of studies leading to the teaching degree for Maturitätsschulen, students can acquire the additional certificate for vocational pedagogy.


Teaching and Research under one roof

The Teacher Education Institute enjoys an excellent reputation. Besides high-quality programs of study leading to teaching qualifications at secondary or Gymnasium (upper secondary and matriculation) level, students are able to take advantage of a wide range of specialised courses offered by the University. Our professors are involved in national and international research projects and are in direct contact with networks of colleagues abroad. Thus the results of the latest research flow on directly into their teaching.


Professional-level practical training

The Teacher Education Institute offers future teachers the optimal combination of academic education and practical training. Not long after they start, students are already in a classroom teaching situation – closely mentored by training staff and experienced teachers. Video recordings and feedback help to ensure their continuous development.

The French-language programs of study offer students practical placements in the Canton of Fribourg, while in the German-language programs, students can choose to complete their practical training at any school in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.


Diverse opportunities

The close contact to schools both within and outside the Canton not only promotes a solid practical education, but at the same time makes it easier for students to find teaching positions. A Masters degree for Secondary I also opens the way to a Doctorate in Education.


Friendly Atmosphere

Because it is comparatively small, the Institute has a close-knit, friendly feel about it. It is committed to providing individual guidance and personal contact between staff and students.


A bi-lingual university city

Fribourg’s roughly 10,000 students shape the character of the city like almost nowhere else and give it an international flavour. With the charm of its two languages, its cultural offerings and its delightful surroundings, Fribourg is an attractive university town only 30 kilometres from Bern and Lausanne.


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  • Teacher Education, Special Pedagogy, Educational Science, Subject-specific Didactics
    – Secondary level I
    – Secondary level II / Vocational education and training


  • Number of Bachelor programmes: 1
  • Number of Master programmes: 1

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