A Success Story

Jerry from China talks about his studies at the HSG and how he found a job in Switzerland.


My Story


“While studying in Seoul, I had the opportunity to spend my exchange semester in Denmark, where I heard about the University of St.Gallen, one of the most prestigious business universities in Europe. I decided to apply for the Master’s in Banking and Finance at the HSG after finishing my Bachelor’s studies in 2012. Currently, I’m working together with another HSG alumnus in the M&A team of HOERBIGER Holding AG, a standard-setting industrial company, in Zug, Switzerland.

As there are fairly restrictive regulations imposed on non-EU nationals in the Swiss labour market, it is not self-evident for non-EU graduates to find a job in Switzerland. In addition to what the University offers as standard to all students, the HSG’s Career & Corporate Services (CSC) launched many individually customised coaching services targeted at non-EU students to help them out in this situation. Thanks to the job platform of the CSC, I was able to find a part-time job while studying, which helped me later when I was applying for jobs in Switzerland. And thanks to the CSC’s bespoke support and alumni advice on application processes, I was eventually able to start my career in Switzerland.

A degree from the University of St.Gallen provides graduates with good opportunities in the Swiss labour market. However, for international students aiming to apply to a Switzerland based multinational company, proficient Swiss official language skills, such as German, and an understanding of Swiss culture / mentality, should definitely be the key to success, even if English is the business language. Furthermore, the HSG is also very well known in other European countries: for example, German employers are particularly welcoming to HSG graduates.

In terms of living in Switzerland, it always surprises me how close you can be to nature, even if you are in the centre of Zurich. Plus, with its friendly and productive working environment, one of the best functioning public management systems, kind and honest people, Switzerland for me is almost an “ideal” living and working environment.”





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