Simona, Student

“I appreciate the contact among the students.”


My Story


“The PHGR offers courses in the Romansh language – that was the main reason. The fact that I can accomplish my studies in four languages (German, Romansh, Italian and English) was another pivotal motivation to attend the PHGR.

A huge strength of the PHGR is, of course, its practical orientation. During the so-called “Ateliers” in the first semester, we already got in touch with a real class and could consequently gain first valuable impressions. The climate at the school is very positive and I appreciate the contact among the students. Additionally, the PHGR offers a weekly program called “WOmentoring”, where the students can exchange ideas and experiences with primary school teachers who are already working in their respective professional field.

One advantage – which I like in particular – are the courses called “Elective Modules”, most of which are sport and outdoor related. In addition, we are, thanks to the broad general educational study plan, able to develop many skills in every school subject. The PHGR emphasizes practical education and prepares us for the daily routine of a primary school teacher.”





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