Laura from Australia

“Coming to Switzerland has been 100% worthwhile.”
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Laura from Australia was a guest student at PH Zug. She took part in a 4-week intense teaching practicum at a local school and had the chance to join some classes at PH Zug.

Laura, how was your experience at PH Zug?

“Both the staff and students were very accommodating, inclusive and welcoming at PH Zug. Everyone was more than willing to attempt English and there was always volunteers to translate for us. In the Mensa we were always greeted with happy hellos and it was a great way to chat and hear about all the places that we should visit in Switzerland. They also shared stories of adventures in Australia which was entertaining.

The classes at the PH are great and an excellent opportunity to meet more people. I absolutely loved the pictorial design class that we did. The English classes were also a pleasure to be in. It was interesting to observe the differing class dynamics from that in Australia and to have the opportunity to participate and interact within them.”

How was the preparation for your stay?

“Patrick and Stefanie [from the International Office] were very supportive throughout the planning process and made the transition to Switzerland a breeze. I felt well prepared and organised due to the emails and information sent to us. The friendly nature and personal approach was warming and gave me confidence that I would survive teaching internationally. Everything has run smoothly and has been very enjoyable. The bag of goodies that we received on our first trip to the PH was very thoughtful and has been very handy throughout the teaching practice.”

What was your experience in the Elementa school?

“Going to the Elementa was an incredible experience and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I have had the opportunity to witness the approaches different teachers take and have enjoyed learning about an entirely new approach to the ways teaching and learning can be executed. The students were all beautifully behaved. They even taught me some German words which they found evidently hilarious, noted by their laughter at my “attempts” to pronounce the said words.”

What is your overall evaluation of your stay?

“Coming to Switzerland has been 100% worthwhile. It has opened up my eyes to the world around me and allowed me to experience a whole new perspective on education, teaching, learning and life. It has allowed me the opportunity to not only immerse myself into the Swiss style of life, encompassing the culture, cheese and amazing scenery but also experience, teach and learn in a diverse and new environment. It has been inspiring, motivating and engaging. I feel that throughout this journey I have developed as both a teacher and person. Because of this program, I have been able to see a new interpretation of how to adjust to the curriculum and appreciate the focus on educating the child as a whole.”

Thank you Laura! It was a pleasure having you at PH Zug!

“Thank you!”


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