Cathryn & Olwethu, Students


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Berne University of Teacher Education offers students from abroad internships at bilingual upper secondary schools. Olwethu Benya and Cathryn Moodley from South Africa are enjoying their time in Switzerland.

Olwethu Benya:

“I’m learning a lot about myself during the internship. As a teacher, it’s good to know who you are. It’s important to me to get an insight into different teaching methods. This way, I can learn new things all the time, and it helps me to even better motivate and teach my pupils. A few group sequences that I’ve learnt or developed in Switzerland I can apply 1:1 in South Africa.”

Cathryn Moodley:

“We’re staying with host families. It’s nice to learn about Swiss family life. And it’s great to see that children can safely play outdoors here, even alone. At the same time, the comparison can make you feel sad. But it’s giving us a new perspective about what is possible. It’s also exciting to see what Swiss people do in their leisure time. They’re much more active than South Africans: they do a lot of hiking and biking.”


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